FortuneCup® connects an old tradition of fortune telling with the modern lifestyle of people at all ages. We chose special designed cups and a tasteful blend of coffee to be kept together with an instruction of use in a stabile and decorative box.

Coffee came to Europe around the year 1500 from the Arabian countries. Since then fortune telling by using coffee cups has become a popular thing all over the world.

The idea got the icelandic ingenieur Hafsteinn Helgason while his aunt told him the fortune out of a cup. 2 years ago he won a price with the businessplan for FortuneCup® at the icelandic interprenieur competiton of the “Nýsköpunarsjóður atvinnulífsins”. After that he sold out 600 pieces on the testmarket iceland without advertisment within 2 months. Now FortuneCup® is available all over Europe.

In the age of computer and television it brings people together to talkand to have fun.
We wish you good luck and remember, exercising is the key to success …
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